Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[ fragment 2 ] by sean s (new.)

A raindrop forms a hypothesis, if

we could be small enough we could

peer through the refracted world
wear it over our pupils. Pass through
our losses

A simple
the perfect shape of freefall no thing
implicated is imperfect but the shape of the cosmos,

other motions.
Aeons of maths. Grammar demands

a particular scale,
a Newtonian formula. The maths and losses

strikes a sentence and splatters
drops smaller and smaller. Our scale scatters.
Matters are too simpl

these thumbsy pre
positions damn this

where is my language at a distance?
Does grammar have a peculiar scale? Is it a

I meant performs.

1 comment:

Jennifer K Dick said...

I dig these, Seanster. I would love to read a book of them. Then again, I love fragments, parts, and poems which seem to be at once feeling and interrogating language, as this does.