Sunday, May 10, 2009

New (old): Fragments and Amputations by Amanda Deutch

Written while in the Louise Bourgeois Exhibit at the Centre Pompidou in 2008

Fragments and Amputations

an arm or foot protruding
from a sphere, headless
male bodies in hysterical altitude.

arc of hysterias

“organ and mineral”

there is a repetition

a system of peace
a system of me


a study of peace
a study of me

nests hair refuge

first house—
womb of wombs
doubleness duplicity
the heart
most violent
thoracic cage
aluidity (ease) emerges form
bones almost perishable

locus of memory

balance upright
light fills the spaces between

as you walk by
where once mammoths
I must
trace bones
lips teeth imprint of legs
animal tracks, etc.

compare them with provide them with vanish them with center them with know them with monster them with lose them with my own.

something emerges from bones
almost perishable
a locus of memory
a system of peace

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