Monday, May 18, 2009

very yes no by lisa pasold

after sean s & Jonathan Wonham & Amanda Deutch

writing's amputations - what gets chosen, that arm, this foot,
the precious organ or childish hysteria. oh mineral memory, repeated
on the tongue or against fingertips, to be tweeted and texted but
better folded between pages. light pushes into the bones,
filling spaces. metal pins
keep the vertebrae perishably but tightly upright
like a vase, like a profile. a toyful betwixt/between, the eyes
distracted by study, graying, fraying, porcelain skin.
getting dressed again, life
as daily psycho-killer. quilted flesh, covered, rebalanced. fingerprints,
tiny buttons, a fresh wilting letter by blackberry
from the shiny physio office.

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