Monday, May 25, 2009

Extract from Synesthetic Exegesis

of “Somehow on” in S Beckett’s ‘Worstward Ho’

by George Vance

1. Some


contemplucidating connotations of ‘somehow’:

cling peaches in syrup

cinnamon (a stick of it ?)

over-image of ‘worm’ crawls in

cinnamon stick & the ‘mmm’ of ‘sommme’

‘some’ alone admits no ‘worm’ but ‘h’ of ‘how’

back-lashes into ‘some’ and

 ‘ow’ reversed is ‘wo’ of ‘worm’ and ‘mmm’ of both yields ‘someworm’ 

(the more whatwith subliminal ‘one’’s admixing to ‘some’ – someone some-on – the asso-consonance of allabove)


yummy discordance gives corruption connate with generation


sum-up : somehow someone someworm somewon wormsome sumpin’

sump sump-pump sumption sum summary summons summum bonum

sumpter    somite

 e.g. : Sumption :

         is summons on. 



*more on ‘how’ & ‘on’ and ‘how on’ later on


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