Friday, January 1, 2010

New: Part 1: a new year’s eve poem by Amanda Deutch

Part 1: a new year’s eve poem

I am in love with dirt

wine bottle
bought in Brooklyn Heights
with dirt
in the late afternoon…
snow coats
the hand.
branches curve
outside my window
snowmen atop cars
shovels scrape

When I was 13, I was obsessed
with Audrey Hepburn
and that song.

in the bone
in the bone

no shape
Mooooon River aaannnnd…… me.
pile filings
blue moon
two moons
one voice
a human voice

a good drawer,
I used to draw
lips, horses, eyes.
human beings
are not symmetrical.
We are uneven.

shpilkes from two espressos
I am singing
Moon River into the mirror
on New Year’s Eve.

a human voice

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Gerry Boyd said...

nice capture of a mood.