Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deny by JW

Cut up created from a dozen or so recent Rewords poems.

Deny poem


Jennifer K Dick said...

That is too cool, JW!!!! I dig the given visual poemness a play! I look forward to seeing more, and thanks for posting again--I have been missing your work up here!

Jennifer K Dick said...

I have to ask--is this a poem that you literally make from cutting up words, and then is the black and grey done by computer or by hand? Curious

Jonathan Wonham said...

I used a snapshot capture software to cut out around 30 snippets from about a dozen poems. Some of the snippets juxtaposed words from 2 or more different lines.

Then I imported all the snippets to powerpoint and arranged as a montage on the page. I cleaned up some excess "half words" by sticking black patches over them.

I saw that I lacked a few words for the final composition and had to go back to Rewords to look for them.

Then I framed the whole lot with a grey background and made another snapshot of the whole montage. This I uploaded to flickr and them made a url link from Rewords. And voila...

And now I'm going off to apply for a job on Blue Peter.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Thanks for sharing your very complex process!

And, good luck on the job application!