Friday, January 15, 2010

Myopic Lines by JKD (New)

After 3 lines by American poet, editor & critic Hank Lazer from his poem 78 in the book Days (Lavendar Ink, 2002)

« they took turns longing
against the narratives »
tuning forks and pitch
they turned against me
in tunnels, white dusted
emergence lounged against
star-studded fissures
walls hemming us in
stitched to walls hindering
us they took tales down
scratching that which
we could not mouth to
I the corner of the cell
or you would purchase rings
on another continent in
light bright yellow they
squint in the shadows
picking at sores taking
down the final words of
each passing each to
which handle now I take
my turn dusting the dark
off into the night the light
of curve surfaceward
impossible reaching story

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