Saturday, January 26, 2008

Help: not a poem

How do I put spaces/indents/tabs into the text?! George and Jen you seem to know how to do this. Thanks. Excuse my luddition.


Sue Chenette said...

Hi Amanda,
You can put in little dots to fill up the indentation space, then color them black and they won't show up on the posting.

Sue Chenette said...

Or--just color the asterisks black.

standish said...

Does anyone use < >? Then you don't have to worry about the color of anything, because it's a space.

standish said...

Oops - that was & nbsp; (without the space between the ampersand and letters - HTML symbol for Non-Breaking (as in line break) SPace, for those not ITTK (In The Technical Know)).

George Vance said...

Sue & Standish right on. I was late catching up. Best! GV

Amanda Deutch said...

thanks guys. hmm...I tried Sue's technique, but it doesn't seem to register the color change to black in the posting.

Standish...sorry I don't understand a lick of your html speak