Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New: untitled (envelope?)

by sean s

Over my shoulder the hard banks of snow squeeze
the rush of cars and trucks as tight as blue corpuscles.
The sidewalks are ice shambles.

The envelope of Jenifer quiet starts only
a few steps from Williamson.
I lick the gum and slip myself through
the mail slot of K's house.
After hot cocoa she smacks her lips deliciously.
Pulls the curtains open to let the sunlight in
starting bright off the snow.

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Einar said...

By Einar mapped from "Untitled" by Sean S.

Retreat to Rutledge via Spaight
Monona's winds so cold of late
Light of winter brittle gray
The other side of the tracks.

Separated from the cream
Thin milk this dairy queen
Cooperated til made lean
The other side of the tracks.

Green Lantern's light a beacon still
In the lost memories of
The other side of the hill.