Monday, January 28, 2008

Not by JKD

After Amanda's "Help, not a poem" (tee-hee-hee:)
FYI: the answer to her question has been provided by others in the comments section off her post, in case that can help you, too!

Help, not a poem
Not an index, space, asterisk
No indication of text
To tactile manoeuvrings
Red lights
A bee or anteater
How in her lugging
Heaps of her

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standish said...

Another thing - and I'm leaving this comment on this entry, as opposed to Amanda's, because apparently this application does *not* inform people when someone has commented on their posts - another thing that one can do is wrap one's piece in "pre" tags. You have to put the "pre" in the usual angle brackets, and there is of course the opening "pre" tag, which is just "pre" and the closing which will be "/pre" (again with the brackets. Pre = Preserve whitespace. Play with it. It will preserve tabs/indents, spaces, and so on. If your piece's lines are not too long for the journal page width it will look fine. If your lines are going to wrap, they will not wrap within the "pre" tags, and it will look weird. But you might like it anyway. Because some of us are *just* that weird.