Friday, January 18, 2008

by Sue Chenette after Barbara Beck's Travel 1

We were daredevil amateurs
scornful of plastic raincoats
eyes the area of beguilement and
our senses on the go
as we pantomimed
first-person together
in a pretrip kind of learn
the usual jobs, marriages
waving signs a little beyond


Einar said...

Signboards in the Rain

Waving in the wind
A little beyond
Not pre-trip learned
Nor eyed on the go of marriage's unusual job
Scornful of our daredevil amateur kind
Pantomime of fury unprotected
By plastic raincoats
Black on white pointing in all directions
Separated in the storm of
Sign boards sensed differently.


standish said...


A signboard waving
daredevil in furious
raincoat pantomime


Downpour, signboard waves
daredevil in furious
raincoat pantomime