Friday, November 28, 2008

Cast///Case Studies (Statistics) by JKD

After Cask Number by Lisa Pasold

Shown hazard and (not) strung between just another person this
unexpected coding tv sectioned off that jut about to
if it is the same
torture for information advantage proposition pensions
if it is the same movement
if it is the same towered palace or wherein they were operating
a procedure if it is the person other always
hung between blackbox catcalled booby trapped
a nurse walks over a look (not here) to
wait that makes this count just as significant
just as if it were Mumbai New York Kadhimain
just as if a juxtaposition jostled front page heading lined
the undereye glanced to then don’t look (t)here in
case of insurgency complacency stagnancy operations
made for the tv-book movie-optioned prequel post-
apocalyptic hyperbolic stageset complete with Dan
Rather, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse plush
fresh out of the co-op curious feeling another’s light
skin surface damp another sandpaper hand state for the record
name rank serial inevitable interview(er)(ee) is not
this advantage that death combination so slight
slip through the suctioned door swoosh as curious as
fine a thin line strung between if it is the same body if
it is the same memorial this bagged foot tag if it is this close so
close as to sense heat filed down between swallowed
given (en)gulf(ed) backtracking if it is just a name just state for
the give it over up now recorded (be)foreclosing out into onto
the streets could be anywhere could be now here the one that
was not just going after anyone then wear your hard hat in case
of work objects people falling 10 or 121 or 1,332
the record says it just says in numbers

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