Friday, November 14, 2008

Woolly Time by jkd

After Tuesday by Rufo Q

kick back time’s all woolly
up under the lake and it's ebony
sporadic time winnowed
woolly to back up all lake
luster morning waves rainy
and it’s all ebony mouthing
sporadic clues a which way
was what so this time’s a-
rainin’ hadn’t a kickback to
less sporadic hooligans in the
shenanigans under the lack
this rock’s all woolly would
be rainy-morning waves clued
into when ways were where
ended doing’s just fine, just finales
and its ebony morning not so
windowflashed the flush of
this kicked missed musings
on the whole woolly nature of
winnowing that clue’s lake
shimmer simmer back to
time’s all muster and bravado
click hand-fed stack it all up to
this clued-in Crusoe rainy back
balked, radio-silence under the
last rock erosion of then would
be this ebony woolly lake under
time this when what was clue

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