Thursday, November 20, 2008

De- Cadence by JKD

after 20 Nov 2007 posts, Decadence by Nick Urban and Peacock by Brandon Shimoda

Bran ville size declination meters angelish artless craving
The meatless formation of a year, or central nervous system
Capted. Caption to get in, brighter, bit then lightened
Transcrption. Struck whale meets weathering gatherers.
When to or wind-to gargoyles wintering lush cravings: to
Scavenge the strikes, hickory less prejudicial when smoked.
Stoke to collapse, sham of arm chains roped to graced water-
Fall as voodoo whodoo swami edicts grease the penance-
Seekers. Familiar as Chen in China, Li or Leopoldine
Tensed to solarize counter-models. At which careless
Invention weathered metals mire in this eyelet, lack from
The casing meant history when they let History bound.
Been in viceroy strings picknicked peacocks. Victory to
Get so underinvolved. Involuted darkness cooled into
Silhouettes removed from the source. Neck-wrangled, the very
Stall again, grovelling columns bare sentenced declinings.

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