Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On the Contrary, A Reversal of Status Takes Everything Very Easily by Jonathan Regier

After Circulars, by Sawako Nakayasu

Brontology comes on. Where would you go? Do you have a brave face or a cowardly face? Would you take yourself for a swine, a lion, a parakeet, a red block the very color of a solar limbec? Would you give me the best gift you've ever gotten? What did David Porter say when lightening struck him beside an apple tree in a wet field, near to a lake that was not blue?

"Would you take from me the best gift you've ever gotten?"


Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey JR; If you sieve your poem, you can get the following:

"Brontology would brave a cowardly swine, the very color of the best gift ever gotten, say David Porter lightening struck beside an apple. A wet field near lake blue, take from me the begotten."

Cheers, Jen

standish said...

Is sieving some kind of technical thing?

Jennifer K Dick said...

Nope, I just like to take the noun "sieve" and make it a verb. As in to pass the poem through a passoir. Bises to you Sean S