Wednesday, October 24, 2007

After "Awakenings" by Sandy F, "Burlesque" by Amanda D, " & "Aire Tropicale" by Geo V

by Jennifer k Dick

impel me toward
gnarled ironwood
spaced undertow

your voice pokes places forgotten
flightless life-death

it’s you on the
don’t call back neon

marquises—what would it mean, shelf life,
toward a shapeless world: globules, static,
hold to glue to

keep in 3 am fluorescence
green light corner stores
together stains

how I remember blaring
so the flame preserved

might still be kept alive
walk toward a voice, to a voiced
white light

nights kept unduly wide
even at ten am
awake, fall to sleep

gruel underwhorls
prints and then backtrack

toward sound
this refraction mirroring

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