Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inter-interrogations, After Amanda Deutch's INTVESTIGATION

Response 2 by Jennifer k Dick to Amanda Deutch's "Investigation"

Mistake dirt under staircases for waves
Eyelids, metros in the soaked duplex
Of air speaking. Barley haloes or crop circles—
This awareness held in hand at 5am acts like
Crystal barely discernable in night’s jilted pocket.
If only tin cans of stumblers in that bumbling reflection
Could uncurl the linguistic spirals, the maps misleading.
Flat miasma of questionable air, masked
Magenta layers of interrogations—fog’s tattered wisps.
A message carries its outstretched arms.
Bury responses to syntagmes under dahlias on fire.
Pedestals, Picket fences, marble terrasses form a shadow.
Finale come like mother of pearl splitting the axes.
Glint at the blind starscape, or the house of air.
Rooms where relevant syntaxes in broomclosets gather.
Dustbunnies, stick up cowboys, models: What relevance
to breath’s slow remaindering?
A gasp in the tides
pulling out and back, simmering on the vacant stove.

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