Saturday, October 13, 2007

Root Sytems, After Amanda Deutch's Investigation

Root Systems
By Jennifer K Dick, after Amanda Deutch's "Investigation"

Mistake dirt under her staircase for waves
Her lids, metros in the soaked duplex
Of air speaking. Barley haloes or crop circles—
Yes, relocation sometimes makes an axe.
If it weren’t all a hoax anyway, spritely
Syntaxes and responses to syntagmes under fire.
The awareness she holds in her hand at 5am acts like
Crystal barely discernable in night’s jilted pocket.
And yet, if only, then another run-down flat, a reflection
In the tin can of stumblers shagging in her bumbling alley.
Miasma of air, questionable layers of interrogations.
A magenta pond where fog’s tattered coat wisps
Toward her carrying a message in its outstretched arms.
Dahlias and pedestals. Picket fences or lawn guard.
This white decimal comes to form a final point. Shadow
like mother of pearl glinting up at the evening’s blind starscape.

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