Sunday, October 7, 2007

New: AWAKENING by Sandy Florian

another excerpt from The Tree of No
By Sandy Florian, posted 5 Oct 2007 & moved here as sample

I scarcely know whether I am awake or I whether I am asleep, and when I lie asleep, I see all his glory, and while I lay awake, I behold him, now wide awake, in the vision of my dear sleep, so that the flame preserved might still be kept alive, so that the flame preserved might still be kept unduly wide. So I, awake, fall to sleep just now begrudging my own rest to keep the world so broken, so tightly woken, just now begrudging my idea that such a consideration should impel me toward the novelty of attention. So I, asleep, awaken, like a wakening from sleep, like one half woken to half more trouble than half his dreams, like a sleepless lover, like a sleepless walker, just like a ghost just after six, so near his death, so near his dawn, where early morning’s early rays stand asking for invention.

A horn, a hymn, a wild bird's call, centered small in silent’s hall, Montgomery’s mire, a wook, a brook, down again we fall and fall. The king himself awakes himself to his own slow will untouched by will, to find himself devoid of sense, while captains wake the sun’s high hell.

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