Monday, October 8, 2007


A draft in progress from 4 Oct 2007 (please note, as the blogger format does not allow long lines, that this original was in all couplets plus one final last line). Posted with her permission:
And Are Ghosts
by Cole Swensen

and are ghosts also inextricably linked to snow?........three days it took her
to get across Nebraska.....and the whole time there he was.....her grandfather

in the passenger seat....refusing to be frightening....and tried to hold him
as he came closer..........and the more snow the farther....the body came to be

his heartbeat of her sobbing at the side of the road at his funeral as the censer swung over she alone
saw the small wind as it happened to start snowing which is always softly who was looking and her

grandmother asked as they were leaving the church did you notice? when you would have thought
he’d moved on days ago and at every snowfall in her uncanny silence she thinks with the help

of his haunting she may someday without the falling.

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