Friday, October 19, 2007

After "BURLESQUE", "BALE" & "I WANDERED..." by NM, AD & LM

In Somnolence
By Jennifer K Dick

reigns in the love where a gallon of dark
remembers a certain kind of freckles where are eyes
our wakes dream up a field book full-up to no rooming or
board for Audobon’s non-native curls familiar tufts tailfeathers
in splices birds or beds I cannot identify through the erring haze
blurring eyesight spite this cold core in dappled
accidents, antechambers, duffles, sleeping sacks,
hammocks, posts, posits two pills when oats mirror
see the refraction’s a prism’s silk nightie toothbrush from 1920
the violet lamp would be a loose carpet-end, a spotted lilac
this awe or here, or her, hearing this drip, drip
tamed to picnic, say I am 28, 47, 99 —
take two pills (barbiturates suppose)
princess prices groaning up little fluorescent combs
her pink velvet pipe springs in the darkness
drawls of colour by the fading Romantic landscape
seals it in, squeals again, by wallpaper are
projection screen being the only seen right through trust
an issue, the counting, step down, sheep down
in the flouncy incisors dark velvet velour
to hear you errs at a bit of a distance
erstwhile emphasis on the pre-"beside" "beneath"
“bedside” notices we never see the tangent in an agency question
calculation agitation counting replacing sleep
steep climbs seepy tisanes shepherds and the "bliss of solitude"
in downy duvets, canapé-lits, comforters, night-lights
luminescence the howl hollow hailing in the
practical splintering blue

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