Thursday, October 18, 2007

New: BURLESQUE by Amanda Deutch


So they say
a certain kind of coat burlesques his remember freckles where are but I wake up a dream from of your parents a field full of native birds familiar with tufts and tails and feathers in places I recognize but cannot identify take two pills and am high sort of eat cereal flakes oats mirror see the mirror reflection toothbrush say I am 28 take two pills (barbiturates suppose) so they say princess prices are going up little fluorescent circles stickers with numbers $3, $5 , 50 cents for her comb $30 for her pink silk nightie from 1920 the violet shag carpet and lilac velvet wallpaper are

“Attachments” $3
“Tabu” $5
“Indiscretions” $6
“Desire” $3
for sale on the sink

you in your corner I in mine no rules rhetoric reiterate no memory “I honestly didn’t know you could misplace 20 years.” tell me this sort of stuff what do you they ask want you grow up as if it never happens you call and leave a message your voice pokes places forgotten that’s it you don’t call back in neon marquises of our shelf life in 3 am fluorescent light corner stores bodegas stain all over the us that is the United States how I remember it all blaring white lights even at ten am darling I hated it when you called me darling sucker punch good evening aureole tremens ring all these pick up truck boys with their hard ons and sweet sweet smiles displaced in vague parts of my body accents and shelves busy working hard to dispel the myth of days while the moon flap my gums grab my tits and my mouth gets in the way of so called progress

--Feb 20 2006

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