Wednesday, October 31, 2007

After "Warders" by SF , "Articulation of Shadows" by JD and Bob Dylan QUINTAN revamped version 2 by Amanda Deutch

I edited my original response (see October 30 post of same name) and wanted to share it.

QUINTAN 1 (ague or fever)

with her fog amphetamines wind no body
to guess crackle ruby in arms of memories how many
must we cross until we
can take off hour clothes undress the aches and
not be
just be
at blind blood oranges lit corners stung skeletons and her. she tastes just like glass lovers crimson hours jumbled discomfort and homicidal eyes reminder of that just so way. here you breathe.
wake to hear you breath. You once were breathe. subtle science of stop or keep on. skip on skeleton
I throat to recollect your honey illuminate serpents so ill asleep almost homicidal
even if green eyes. finally
she sees just like a woman queen of spades
like all floating worlds, she is just
fruit lines and greening maps

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