Friday, November 2, 2007

After QUINTAN by Amanda Deutch

Extant Towers
by Jennifer K Dick

She tastes like glass
honey serpents
the red tongues of cobalt buds
out the back past
maroon steps
Heated bricks and nightcloth
greygreen white Jouhet sky
lichen or salamanders scaling
ragged walls She tastes
of ropes rugged dripping
mossy undertows off rowboats
scales of palisades
troweled earth, shoulderblade
she in the on the tongue of
afternoons' transparencies
plasticized dawns touching
othersides, whereas, wares
scavanging mirrored shes
to know of taste or tastes of
razorthin rust-colored
iron file-cabinet flavors
filling the mouth her
tipped tongue lead
poison-apple-red scavenging
to crystal

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