Friday, November 23, 2007

Doxodox Blinks Morse Code; Sophia Lethe Translates & Replies by Robert Savino Oventile

after SF's "Fragment 3"

D: to act toward disappearance
SL: wills disappearance’s appearance
D: inevitably a misappearance
SL: willy-nilly images will’s persistence
D: nihil-I still a will-I
SL: a problem?
D: will ceases, the muse appears
SL: ha! so a hope for appearance
D: but also: “only pure absence […] can inspire”
SL: besides embarrassing, you are impossible
D: neither more nor less than ashen letters floating up a chimney and skyward to summon Athena in the guise of a British nanny
SL: for your sake, no comment, except to concede: the brainchild’s fiery, surprising appearance from the cranium’s side may imply will’s cessation
D: so call the will the heart’s foreskin
SL: which concedes to me
D: willingly

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