Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Question's Moot by Jonathan Wonham

After Terminal Figure by Barbara Beck.

And could "your hat" survive "among graylings?" The question's moot. They sold "your three-dollar throat" and bought a five dollar gullet "with all the live elements rolled into one." Hence "your culinary bruises." Some took exception to "your cold little beluga" since all at one time or another have been "cradled in a water loop". About "mud flavors" they agree to be "unduly woken ie. voluted."

"Your rock that contains two generations" now contains three, since "your ruby pivot" was not without impression. Could "middle name" become last name? I think, yes, it possibly could. "The heavy task of tamping" weighs heavily upon us all, and "constantly". "To the left", of course, always to the left. "Your half dream" matched our half dreams and "kept" like an "uncombed" language "in a ravine" as if dedicatedly designed "for usufruit".

"Your white-night capitulation" pares the one-off from the singular as if "to the neon marquise" it does not really matter that "no one's touching anymore" and "anyway your Thursdays" are "not sequels" or even prequels "but parodies" drippingly entitled "picnic by proxy". Some find "your dilemma" not to be their own, as if speaking "of the red-tiled swimming pool" could improve neither "your mnemonics" or whatever left you "flat out".

Get "over early morning misgivings" since "each day's headdress" will be its own redress, "your igneous underlife" a rallying call both "ripped forth and" sent "forward. Now it's every sunset motel" for itself and "every glass lover" with their dreams shattered, "seeing out of" the one place or thing "whose eyes" leave "you" to "vacillate".

Evolving "your amphibian" keeps them "on-ramps" but "once engineered" serves "for getaways" that imply "no". It's "diversionary" in the sense that it is also "traction" but once you "haul yourself out" it's just a shamble and a leap "to the end of the prospect. Your dorsal view" has long been respected in the same way that the products "of a lime kiln" respect what at once "surrounded" them "by equally" dissolving their "statuesque corollaries".

"The other windows" of which you speak "are", by definition, "cagey" in as much as they are "arrangements" which once "full of wind" may seem inflated, as if "the bromides" were meant for them and "you" were left to "swallow" only "as cloudspotters do". Beyond them, "a promise of balconies" leaves us "with evident" shortcomings that some might call "vocational" and others mere "trysts".

Of course, "your amorous equivalent" is not the equal "of a garden conversation" but someone who "can't tell who's ticklish. And" it's not, finally, the same someone "who's bilious". All of this "greenth" just as "your votive finger bowl" greenth the seed "coming after" or touches off "a" harmless "series of ill-fated litmus tests." Either to "stop or" to "go" might still, legitimately, send us "hither".

And could "poking" fire "up quarrels" as others "speaking" draw us back in to their "near-body" experience of "accents." Even if "your deceptions" are our deceptions and our deceptions yours, any "killer" of "equations" can figure what pierces "to the deeper tissues". These are the issues of which "the refinements" are many, and wonderful, and still most thankfully "to come".

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