Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cessation by Jonathan Wonham

after After Cartier-Bresson by Alex M and Like The Day Upstairs by Amy H and May by Rufo Q and Athena Undone by Michelle N and Doxodox Blinks Morse Code by Rob SO

the couples         undone
        are parting
                in a blur       while

through leafy haze
         undecomposed morning
coughs up

of memory
      pollinated, balanced by
               the swipe
       of life

     in a splendid flurry
        the summer street
                 the young woman’s

the dog watching
                like slander
in off-white shades

              and though
to wish us

            unbridled risqué
in parks, on benches, on bridges
          routing out
               time passed

what draws me
      ashen letters
              is to concede
          in her hair
a white