Thursday, November 29, 2007

that by Lisa Pasold

After After Cartier-Bresson by Alex M & Cessation by Jonathan W

what draws me, happens before the couple sits down, before they decide on that parting

in the train station, frowning, before the dog gets lost, before the school clothes rustle,

before the kerchief, the bench, the street, before the sixty years of sleeping together, before the bridge.

ah, before the bridge, the bride, before the photograph, the bouquet tossed into a river, what happens

before all that, draws me, happens again and happens again and happens, the sunglasses so

like before, lying in that place, shoes cast aside, the bedsheets lost, and how

I happen after.

1 comment:

Jonathan Wonham said...

Interesting evolution. I like the way the suggestion of the poem turns on the last line.