Friday, November 23, 2007

"PreFigure Object Count" by Jennifer K Dick

after/a sieving of "Terminal Figure" by Barbara Beck

hat graylings
three-dollar throat
culinary bruises
beluga cradled
water loop mud flavors
ruby pivot tamping uncombed ravine capitulation
marquise, not sequels by proxy
red-tiled mnemonics
flat headdress
igneous underlife sunset motel
glass lover vacillate amphibian on-ramps
engineered getaways
diversionary traction haul
dorsal view lime kiln statuesque corollaries
cagey correlations full of wind,
bromides, cloudspotters, balconies

vocational trysts,
amorous bilious votive
equivalent litmus STOP!!!!

Hinterland quarrels speak near-body accents:
deceptive equations in deep(her) tissue refinements.

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